Locating Windows XP Drivers

by getdeclue on May 8, 2012

It can be a pain to locate Windows XP compatible drivers for a computer that shipped with either Windows Vista or Windows 7. Some people may ask why you would want to install Windows XP on a computer that has Windows 7 pre-installed, this may be the case if you have a volume license agreement and are just replacing a system and your standard images are still Windows XP. I have been using the PCI vendor database for a while but it can be rather cumbersome to locate a driver having to scour the pages to find the one that actually applies to the device that I am looking for. I was using a program that would allow me to install two drivers per day but I found that the program was forcibly installing drivers for the wrong version of windows which would cause errors or would not actually assist the device in functioning. I came upon a new website that referenced the exact device and vendor ID’s I was searching for and only asked for a donation. The website is http://www.driveridentifier.com/. The website has a program that you download and it scans your computer and then opens a web page recommending which  drivers to install. I was very impressed by the ease of use and finding drivers which were completely unknown and had no useful info in the Hardware ID in the device manager. If you have an unknown device on your computer I recommend downloading the program from http://www.driveridentifier.com/, installing and scanning your system.

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