Windows 7 Transfer Profile

by getdeclue on August 31, 2012

In Windows 7 the copy to button under advanced system settings user profiles is grayed out by default, to enable it:

  1. Create the new users account on the computer and login once
  2. Login as either a domain administrator or a local administrator
  3. download Windows Enabler 1.1
  4. unzip the program to a folder
  5. right click the windows enabler exe program file and click run as administrator
  6. in the task bar you will see the icon for windows enabler running click it to turn windows enabler on
  7. open up system properties
  8. click the advanced tab
  9. click the user profiles button
  10. select the user profile to be copied
  11. click on the copy to button to activate the button
  12. click on the copy to button again
  13. select the path where to copy the profile to
  14. add the users rights to the folder
  15. If you have logged into the profile once you will be prompted to delete all of the files in this profile.

Before making any system change it is important that you have a backup of your computer. This post is provided “AS IS” with no warranties and confers no rights, before following any steps on this site you must take responsibilty for your own actions.

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