Move WSUS SQL Database

by getdeclue on January 31, 2013

These directions are for WSUS on Windows SBS 2011 with SQL Server 2008 R2

To move the SQL Server Database for WSUS you need to run SQL Server Management Studio as Administrator.
Choose Database Engine
Connect to the database as:
Choose Windows Authentication
Click Connect (if you receive an error you probably didn’t choose run as administrator)
Expand the Databases folder
Right click on the SUSDB and click tasks
Then click take offline
Right click on SUSDB again
Click Tasks
Then Click Detach
Choose the Drop connections option and then click ok.
Open Windows explorer and move the folder “C:\WSUS\SUSDB” to the new drive location
To attach the database in SQL Server Management Studio right click databases
Click Attach
Click the Add button
Navigate to the new database location and select the SUSDB.mdf file
Click OK Twice to complete the move.

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